SAIET, Company for Electro Technical Industrial Applications, is among the most dynaSaietmic companies in automation: it produces electronic controlling systems, which are based on common design optimisation criteria, thus introducing new concepts of flexibility and evolution.

SAIET is particularly qualified in developing control systems for continuous productive processes. The innovative criteria, which distinguish the plans realised, aim at increasing steadily the quality of the connected processes.

SAIET, thanks to an efficacious and efficient integration of systems, groups vanguard products and devices in an only solution.

The experience and knowledge achieved in applications, represent an extraordinary range of automation solutions and SAIET uses this formidable resource to satisfy every market special request.

Being aware that the Customers represent the main company’s patrimony, SAIET has a project based on simple presumptions:

  • Willing to face new problems and to study adequate solutions
  • Immediacy in assistance and development interventions
  • Quality of the supplied solutions and technical personnel
  • Clearness in business relationship with costs/benefits evaluation of the solutions proposed
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